The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation from Daily tous les jours on Vimeo.

Each of the individual swings makes a sound when rocked back and forth. When each swing is occupied, the installation can compose a musical piece, stringing together each tone as different users move. Some tones are only achievable with user cooperation, creating a bond between the people enjoying the swings. Users can also work together to manipulate the sounds, relying on team work to create a a special tune.

Aside from making beautiful collective music, The Swings transforms at night. With every push and pull, the colored swings illuminate with LED lights. From a distance, the movement of each swing leaves a glowing trail, which appear as streaks of light from a distance.

The Swings is more than just a musical instrument or interactive installation. As Daily Tous Les Jours says, the piece brings together people of all ages, giving them a new experience in music making and experiencing public art. After the Green Box Art Festival, The Swings will go on the road, enlivening urban spaces across the country.

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