Swurfer was built from the ground up, literally. The company’s founder gave his young kids a curved piece of wood to practice their balance and to build core strength on the beach while he hit the waves. After a light bulb moment when he and his wife realized that the wood could be attached to ropes to swing from trees, Swurfer was born. Surfing the air is a truly awesome (dare we say “gnarly”) activity for all ages. Little ones can use the Swurfer as a traditional swing; older ones can challenge their balance and begin to move and groove in the air. You might feel a little awkward being the only adult swinging away at the park on your favorite old swing, but in the comfort of your own backyard, you can swurf away and let these handcrafted swing boards bring out the kid in you. In addition to swinging and swurfing, tots can also use the Swurfer for hanging out and relaxing.

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The board itself is made from Hard Rock Maple (although other exotic hardwoods like Mappa Burl are occasionally available) and uses a patent-pending curved shape for stability and maximum swing. Made in the USA, each board comes with rope and a set of handles and is individually shaped, sanded, finished, and inspected. You can add on features like brightly colored and marine grade SwurfGrip traction pads or additional durable and adjustable handles. The company also offers installation instructions and encourages buyers to think outside the backyard and bring the Swurfer along to vacation, day trip, and adventure spots so you can swurf wherever the day takes you.

So whether you thought your surfing days were over (or at least long postponed), or if you’ve never actually gotten on a board but have always had big kahuna dreams, the Swurfer is a great way to build balance and bond with family and friends. Get swurfing! The Swurfer can hold up to 250 pounds and is for ages 6 and up.

+ Swurfer $129.99

+ Limited Edition Swurfer $162.99

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Lead image: Stephanie Beaty / Lifeographer via Swurfer on Facebook

Other images via Swurfer’s Instagram page