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A cross between a playhouse and giant nest, the Cheeriup Thicket is a natural structure built with sustainability and creativity in mind. You can choose from the the Tufted Savoye or the Cyan-Lashed Ptarmigan, as well as a number of flags and clay accessories to personalize your Thicket. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, each Thicket is woven by hand in Minnesota from flexible native willow branches. The wooden floors are stained with non-toxic paints, and the unsealed branches are safe for recreation and relaxation.

Orders may be placed through the Cheeriup website, and are fulfilled depending on the time of year that they are placed. Currently, ready-made Fledgling Thickets are available, standing from 4-6ft. Three new prototypes will be available in the coming months, and those interested are encouraged to check the website and contact for pre-orders. Thickets vary in price and start at a base of $1,900.

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