Young children will get a kick out playing with the Toronto Stool: interactive furniture that is comprised of 100% recyclable cork and foam and features an evolving design that grows alongside a child. With the ability to customize the stackable discs to meet their height, kids can transform this functional chair to their height while enjoying a hands-on learning adventure that helps them improve their manual coordination and develop an affinity for differing textures, densities and weights. The Toronto Stool will be featured at Milan Design Week, starting today through April 14th in kidsroomZOOM!, an exhibition dedicated to design and art for children.

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Perfect for indoor play and classroom areas, the Toronto Stool, created by Spanish design firm MADE DESIGN provides a wealth of possibilities for kids of varying ability to use their imagination to build, share and manipulate the cork discs. Parents might find this stool to be an ideal match for their child’s growing curiosity, or a great way to encourage siblings to share and collaborate on designs all their own.