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“Fairy Tales – When Architecture Tells a Story” asked entrants to utilize architecture when crafting narratives, using architecture storytelling as a source of inspiration for others. Blank Space created the contest to encourage people to think differently about architecture, with the hope of changing the way the world perceives it. With 300 entries from 50 countries, the contest proved successful! Fusing architecture with a narrative fairy tale challenged architects, designers and writers to instigate a conversation about enthusiasms and preoccupations to architecture, while also capturing the interest of young minds.

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Along with First Prize winners Wang and O’Leary, the Second Prize was awarded to Anna Pietrzak’s “Man in the Ground,” and Third Prize was awarded to “Oscar Upon A Time” by Joseph Altshuler, Mari Altshuler and Zachary Morrison. The winning entries and a selection of honorable mentions will be featured in Blank Space’s forthcoming book, “Fairy Tales: When Architecture Tells a Story,” which will show what happens when creatives are challenged to relay their architectural ideas to a narrative.

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