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The world famous Astolat Dollhouse Castle has gained notoriety as the world’s most valuable dollhouse. Designed and built by miniaturist Elaine Diehl, the beautiful structure took 12 years to build, and is continually being upgraded with new decorative items. Weighing in at 815 to 890 pounds depending on the chosen displayed furnishings, the massive collection includes over 30,000 items, of which only one third can be shown within the dollhouse at once.

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Among the impressive miniatures are a series of items that are way more valuable than the average dollhouse accessory. Rare mini books dating from the late 1800s adorn the library, while miniature oil paintings by Marie Elizabeth Brockbank from the early 1900s are included in the sitting rooms. The three-piece vanity set is made from real sterling silver, and the miniature jewelry set is quite valuable. Perhaps the most valuable pieces are the 1949 miniature JEEP cars, which are scale models and not toys, or the lapis and 18k gold bowl which originally sold for $3,500.

The Astolate Dollhouse Castle will be on display at The Shops at Columbus Circle’s second floor until December 8th.

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