Check out these gorgeous daffodils, the perfect symbol of spring and an ideal way to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day. Now take a closer look: these lifelike beauties are actually upcycled from plastic bottles! British eco-artist and designer Sarah Turner hand cuts, sandblasts and dyes each petal, then melts the petals to create a realistic and natural shape to the flower. You can purchase one orange-yellow daffodil or really make Mom’s day with a bouquet of six flowers in a combination of the three possible color combos (yellow, orange, and white). Turner has also designed the perfect way to display the daffodils by sandblasting old glass soda bottles, giving them an elegant frosted look. These unforgettable flowers will last a lifetime, and £1 from each daffodil sale is donated to Marie Cure Cares, an organization providing help to terminally ill patients in the UK. Daffodils cost £8 for one and £40 for six.

+ Upcycled plastic bottle daffodils