In an extremely clever move, THINKBABY has placed Skin Deep ratings on their new THINKBABY Shampoo & Body Wash. As you may know, Skin Deep offers ratings on products such as cosmetics, soaps, sunscreens and more, plus rates single product ingredients. Skin Deep is a great service if you happen to have your laptop with you when you buy, but if you don’t it’s hard to remember what Skin Deep says about products. Since THINKBABY has placed their ratings right on the bottle (see a close up of the label at THINKBABY) it helps consumers a lot. You get to see that THINKBABY soap ingredients have gotten mostly zeros, which is the best score you can get at Skin Deep. This soap and shampoo is also free from parabens and phthalates, and the company does not test on animals. We’re hoping many other companies will jump on the Skin Deep rating bandwagon now too. It would be great to see labels of this nature on personal care products across the board.

+ THINKBABY Shampoo & Body Wash 16 oz. $12.99