Thirteen year-old Sicily Kolbeck can now proudly state that she is the owner and chief architect of her own tiny home. Inhabitots was thrilled to find the Marietta, Georgia student hard at work on her impressive undertaking last March. Using the process of construction as a part of her curriculum at HoneyFern school, she was able to raise money through an Indiegogo campaign, gifts, and tuition. After seven months of hard work Kolbeck finished “La Petite Maison,” a mobile miniature mansion complete with a kitchen, a lofted bed, and a bathroom with a composting toilet. Sicily gives a guided tour of her sweet abode after the jump!

It’s hard not to love a girl who quotes William Morris in her blog as an influence on interior design and breaks down her materials receipts with the attention of a seasoned accountant. Amidst constant expressions of gratitude and self-deprecating humor, Kolbeck recounts her adventures in creating her tiny home, La Petite Maison.

From the initial inspiration to construct her own miniature abode as part of a school project to the moments of panic she underwent trusting an incompetent hauler to move her completed masterpiece, she documents her entire process from start to finish. With an impressive amount of determination and sense of humor for a teenager, Kolbeck has brought her enthusiasm to a TED talk, the Tiny Home Conference, and articles featured in WIRED, Huffington Post, and CNN.

Kolbeck embodies the best of the tiny home movement. Confident, motivated, and charismatic, she challenges prospective DIYers to take the plunge. As she asserts in her blog, “So now that I’m finished with my house… which one of you is next? What’s holding you back? If a thirteen-year-old girl can do it, why not you?”

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