We’ve all heard the phrase: “You need to learn how to walk before you can run,” but for one (really) little lady in Arizona, the phrase needs some modification. Ellie Farmer, now twenty months-old, learned how to rock climb before she could even walk. With competitive rock-climbing parents Rachael and Zak, Ellie has spent much of her early life at the local climbing gym, and it’s clear that she picked up a lot from watching others. Apparently, she couldn’t wait to get started, scaling her first wall at eight months-old, under the watchful eyes of her parents.

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Ellie continues to take on challenging bouldering routes, and it’s pretty impressive to watch her fancy foot and handwork (with a little assistance and guidance from mom and dad when needed). Rachael and Zak stress that Ellie is super safe since they are close by as she climbs and always has a thick crash mat underneath her. When she falls (usually from a foot or less), she often giggles hysterically and appears to love her early, active rock-climbing adventures and her bedroom climbing wall. So, if you are a climber and have been waiting for your kids to get big enough to join you at the gym, take heart! This family shows that the right time to learn resilience and problem-solving through a fun activity could happen earlier than you think!

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Images via The Little Zen Monkey

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