We spied this amazing igloo on parenting website Diary of a Working Mom, and we thought it would be a great project for a summer camp, childcare facility, school, or even a communal backyard. The blogger’s children’s daycare asked for used milk or water jugs, collected more than 500, made a cardboard base, and built this fun and educational igloo. We love that this cozy “home” makes good use of old jugs and is big enough to fit numerous little kids. So if you happen to have 500 or so milk or water jugs stashed somewhere, give constructing one a try. It’s a great lesson in architecture and recycling and could easily segue into learning about Inuit culture. The site doesn’t include instructions, but here’s another “jugloo” with suggestions for how to build it. If you’re a few hundred shy of that impressive count, a smaller version could be made into a jugloo for dolls and stuffed animals.

+ Milk/Water Jug Igloo from Diary of a Working Mom