Displayed side by side with a real mint green tear-drop shaped caravan, the LEGO caravan mimics every nuance and detail of the original camper. The life-sized LEGO creation took 1000 hours to build, with a team of twelve people working hard for twelve weeks. Once completed, the team was rewarded by Guinness World Records, for the world’s largest caravan ever built with interlocking plastic bricks.

Lining the exterior of the camper, the team used mint green LEGO pieces to recreate the retro colored trim. Inside, the caravan has all of the conveniences of home — with a bumpy LEGO exterior of course. In lieu of windows, the Bright Bricks team used transparent LEGO blocks that let outdoor light shine through.

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A banquette table is topped with LEGO flowers in a LEGO vase, which tower over a LEGO chess game in progress. In the LEGO kitchen, plates of food await a LEGO family, including fried eggs, mushrooms and beans on toast (it is the UK after all). The fridge itself is stocked with LEGO milk, fruits, veggies and cheese.

To add that special touch, the Bright Bricks team made the LEGO sink functional, and equipped it with real running water.

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