Make no mistake: this is not the ping pong table in your childhood best friend’s basement. This ping pong table is a piece of history disguised as an awesome, screen-free, family-friendly entertainment center. The Click Clack Table Tennis Table from Railyard Studios is made from salvaged rails and lumber from the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company and boasts tons of insider railroad details from the way that the numbers on the rails indicate their manufacture date to how the wear on the rails’ tops was caused by trains moving across them over the decades. Quite a bit more sturdy than today’s typical tennis table models, the uniquely crafted Click Clack features a perforated rail “net,” an oak and hickory timber base that was salvaged from a crosstie plant (and shows a gorgeous wood grain), and steel beams that are over 110 years-old. Sure, you could buy a used car for the same price as this table, but think of it as investing in a piece of art: each Railyard Studio piece is cataloged and individually numbered with a real railroad date nail. The Click Clack Table comes with four paddles and a box of ping pong balls, and delivery and installation is included in the price… so, it’s almost a steal, right?

+ Click Clack Table Tennis Table $13,995.00

+ Railyard Studios

via My Modern Met