Eco-conscious skateboarders will flip for this plant-based skateboard that’s made from a panel of tree bark. The work of Monsieur Plant, a.k.a. Christophe Guinet, an artist firmly grounded in the natural world, this sweet ride is a one-off that was designed as a display —  but we think the concept is cooler than a kickflip. Guinet, who spent time in the city and country while growing up in France, became enamored of plants and flowers when he was a teen, and this passion has resulted in beautiful and whimsical works that offer a meditation on the natural world and its relation to fashion and design. So while you or your kids are unlikely to get your hands (or feet) on this natural skateboard, you can still appreciate its rugged beauty and future potential. Take a few minutes to witness some of Guinet’s other nature-inspired works and installations including sneakers made out of and growing flowers.

+ Natural Skateboarding

via This is Colossal