So much of children’s furniture is flimsy, cartoonish, and all too often discarded once kids have outgrown it. Designer Thomas Laurens believes that a key aspect of sustainability lies in the longevity of a piece. His Salon/Kids table incorporates seats into a brightly colored appointment that may be enjoyed by the entire family as a coffee table long after its stint as a play table for little ones.

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Thomas Laurens’ Salon/Kids table appeals to both adult lovers of modern design and kids’ affinity for sleek shapes and bright colors. Small and modular, the height is perfectly accommodating for a toddler tea party and a coffee table for grown-ups. Suited for a playroom or a colorful accent to a living room, the table allows adults and kids to share an aesthetically pleasing space together.

Laurens believes that the most responsible thing a designer can do for the environment is to ensure that their work stands the test of time. He tells Inhabitots,

“I believe looking at what we call sustainable is in fact wrong. When I teach my interns to better their future my lesson will not carry such a message, instead I strongly believe that the best tool of the designer is his grit to strive for design that is so good it will become timeless. Even for example if they choose the most dirty method of production it can be the strength of their work that might make this object last for a century. And its this most denied strength that makes good design for ever more sustainable than any quick discarded furniture piece even when made of 100% recycled material.”

Although you can never go wrong with using ethically sourced and chemical-free materials, it is true that poor construction leads to an enormous amount of waste. By turning a piece into an heirloom, it is possible to reduce the amount of landfill clutter, teach the value of of quality craftsmanship, and create a family tradition. The Salon/Kids table is available through the Thomas Laurens website for around $3,288 USD.

+ Thomas Laurens