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Thomas Poulsom  is a big lover of birds and so far his British Bird Series features his local favorites. “I love building these birds so much there will be many more to come,” Poulsom promised via his Flickr page. He also says he really enjoys matching the different colors of the birds feathers to bricks and making many versions of feathered friends.

Beyond enjoying building with bricks, Thomas Poulsom also wants his collection of LEGO bird designs to take off and you can help. He wants his designs to become official LEGO products that you can purchase. If he receives 10,000 supporters, Poulsom says there’s a good chance they’ll go into production.

Vote for his project on LEGO CUUSOO. For every 1,000 votes he receives Poulsom promises to create and post photos of another type of bird. He’s even taking suggestions of future birds to build.

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