Burning Man may seem like a very adult event, but one sculpture at this year’s festival captured the essence of every adult’s inner child. Created by Ukranian sculptor Alexander Milov, the piece features two oversized wire-framed adults sitting with their backs to each other. Inside, illuminated children reach out toward each other, giving visitors to the playa a sweet message of the innocence and good we all possess inside.

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Each year, thousands flock to the desert to celebrate Burning Man, both revelers and artists alike. Aside from their parties, the festival is known for its innovative and often interactive sculptures that light up the night. To continue to inspire, Burning Man gives select artists from around the world grant money to construct their visions for the Burning Man audience.

This year, Milov was amongst the winners, receiving enough grant money for he and his team to bring the poignant sculpture to the playa. With his sculpture, Milov hopes to bring the message of love. The two adult figures, made from furls of thick wire, may be cast in conflicted poses as they sit with their backs to one another, but the children within represent peace. The artist explains that the outer figures are softened by the figures in the center: the playful children. Open and engaging, the children reach for one another with tenderness. At night, the children illuminate, symbolizing purity and hope during darkness, a beacon to bring together the adults of the festival and the world.

via Bored Panda

Images © Vitaliy Deynega