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The Rotterdam-based Collective Paper Aesthetics employs recyclable and easy to use cardboard as inspiration for sculptural projects, DIY activities and other design feats. Sponsored by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Haim’s cardboard creations commemorated the popular spring science festival, which brings both scientists and artists from the United States, Sweden, France, Austria and the Netherlands to Russia. The visiting creatives then take over the Industry Square of VDNKh in Moscow with science projects and art installations in the two main pavilions.

Over 35,000 visitors participated in Collective Paper Aesthetics’ interactive installation, building forts, sculptures, and cellular structures using only their hands and the cardboard rings based off the museum’s logo. From the top floors of the museum, the DIY structures spread across the room like white cardboard clouds, inviting guests to add or subtract from the pieces. Because of the light weight of cardboard, the structures could arc and grow as if floating above the museum floor.

After the installation, the interlocking pieces could be disassembled and stored for future building fun, while any damaged pieces could be easily recycled.

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