ThredUP launched their unique children’s clothing recycling program back in 2010. Up until now, the only way to swap outgrown clothes through thredUP was to build a box of about 10 items of the same size and season and post them on the site so other moms can choose to buy your box. Now, the company is making the clothing recycling process even easier with thredUP Concierge. Just request a free Concierge bag online, fill it with your kid’s outgrown clothing, return the bag with a prepaid label and you’ll earn up to $5 per piece.

If hosting a garage sale, frequenting consignment shops or selling outgrown clothes online sounds too time consuming, thredUP Concierge may be the right option for you. The service is similar to taking your clothing to a consignment shop, but you don’t actually have to leave your home. ThredUP’s experts will go through your bag and determine how much you get paid per piece (up to $5) based on size, season, brand and type.

You can’t send just anything in the Concierge bag though – clothing must be new or gently-used, clean and freshly laundered, and originally purchased within the last two years. Also, for anyone looking to get rid of old baby clothing, you’re out of luck. At this time, thredUP doesn’t accept infant clothing 12 months and under. The company also notes that you can earn more if you send in season clothing, styles in their top sizes 18 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, and 7, and top brand names like Tea Collection, and Hanna Andersson

During the site’s invite only pre-launch threadUP recycled roughly 40,000 items and now that the site has launched publicly, they expect to recycle more than 10,000 items a day. “We believe that Concierge will help find new homes for 3.5 million items annually, keeping 1 million pounds of children’s clothing out of U.S. landfills,” says James Reinhart, CEO of thredUP.

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