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Designed by Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts graduates Farida and Chris Dubiel, Three Mice’s toys are tested by children and crafted exclusively in Poland. Brightly colored and lightweight, their cars, homes, and furniture can be moved effortlessly by youngsters. Easily folded and stored, clean-up is far simpler than with heavy plastic models, and the five-ply cardboard makes them sturdy and able to withstand a beating. Most importantly, the toys foster creativity and imagination with their simple designs.

Three Mice’s toys have been featured at the National Museum in Warsaw, the ?ód? Design Festival, and the “Dziecinada” La Biennale di Venezia festival. Their “House” won them the top prize at the Children Friendly Toys contest organized by the Factory of Toys in Kielce as well as the “Must Have” collection at the ?ód? Design Festival this year.

Toys can be ordered and shipped anywhere in the world through the Three Mice website.

+ Trzy Myszy