Timbur Baby Rattles fuse advanced computational design methodology and rapid computer-aided manufacturing technology with traditional wood craft, sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes. Timbur Rattle, made by Timbur, a family owned and operated business, is the perfect eco-friendly heirloom alternative to mass produced plastic baby rattles. Featuring flowing curves and natural coloring, the Timbur Rattle will not only stimulate and enhance your little one’s tactile senses but appeal to adult-minded aesthetics as well. Each beautiful rattle is constructed of all natural wood, either maple purpleheart or maple walnut, filled with natural shell beads for a¬†gentle sound¬†and finished with a non-toxic blend of natural oils and wax. An amazing baby shower or new baby gift, this rattle is poised to dethrone the silver spoon.

+ Timbur Baby Rattle $90

+ Timbur