While most children’s entertainment today focuses on screen-induced distraction, we’ve found a fun way for children to travel inside themselves on a ponderous journey to discover their internal hidden treasures: Time Capsule. Written by storycatcher and award-winning journal crafter Katie Clemons, this kid-friendly journal invites kids to partake in the lost art of introspection to unearth their individuality. What a gift this book would be to any child — as an invitation to self-discovery. Clemons refers to Time Capsule as a “treasure chest… for the child who’s curious to discover how mighty his own story can be.”

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Time Capsule is an adventure that kids can hold in the palm of their hands and write themselves. Each new page is begging to be filled with a child’s musings on life via written answers and drawings and doodles. The journal acts as a snapshot that captures childhood memories that will be preserved for posterity. Kids are asked to document fun facts like their favorite TV show and climbing tree, and write down their thoughts about topics ranging from how to fix the worst day ever, to how to make the best sandwich.

Each bite-sized and entertaining question prompts a kid’s creativity and imagination, while honing his/her writing skills and penmanship. One of my favorite books as a child was My Book About Me by Dr. Seuss. I loved filling in my answers to the zany questions, and doing so made me feel like my voice was being heard and immortalized on the pages. I was leaving my mark on history. I wish I’d had Time Capsule (which is recommended for ages 8+) when I was younger, as the questions take things several steps further than simply, what’s your eye color? This book will truly be treasured by any recipient… and for years to come it will provide a chuckle about yesteryear and a glimpse back at a bygone era that may be traveled to at anytime by a simple turn of a page.

Click here to purchase Time Capsule at half the price to be donated to a child in need. Clemons will deliver it to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to give to a child on your behalf.

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