Tinitell, yet another clever Kickstarter project, has recently emerged, and it’s being touted as the world’s smallest mobile phone. Though you’d think the smallest cell phone ever might be targeted at James Bond and his spy buddies, in fact, Tinitell is being marketed to children. Tinitell is a basic mobile wristphone for children that may help enable peace of mind for parents so kids can be kids. This Scandinavian designed and engineered mobile phone isn’t jam-packed with features — it has been intentionally stripped down to include only the bare necessities that a child might need. The device is super easy for kids to manage, coming equipped with voice recognition software. For example, when a child needs to make a phone call, he can push a button on the Tinitell, say the name he wants to call – and the call is placed. For kids not keen on voice recognition, there’s also a Tinitell contact list.

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Other features of Tinitell include the following:

  • Tinitell can receive calls from any telephone number, which means parents or siblings can check in with each other.
  • Parents can limit incoming calls to a pre-defined set of telephone numbers.
  • Parents can assign numbers that will be answered automatically by Tinitell.
  • Built in GPS.
  • Water resistant design that stands up to hardy kid play time.
  • Battery lasts for 60 minutes of speech, which seems like a slim timeline, but does last a week on standby.

Best of all, because we all know kids NEED to go outside and play, this affordable and durable phone is not bulky or uncomfortable, so kids can head outside but still have a way to check in. Tinitell has already reached full funding via Kickstarter, so expect to see this product popping up soon.

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