If your kids like robots and LEGO they’re going to love TinkerBots. One-part Lego blocks and one-part Arduino, Tinkerbots is a modular robotics building set made by Kinematics that encourages kids to learn about electronics through playtime. The Berlin-based makers behind the project just launched their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 over the next 40 days to get their kits to market — and currently they have surpassed their goal having already raised over $110,000. Learn more about these amazing ‘living LEGOs’ and see them in action after the jump!

Unlike Lego Mindstorms, Tinkerbots are a bit smaller and almost all cube-shaped, making them even easier to connect. With a handful of parts, kids can make anything from a rolling car or a crane, to a motorized ant. Each red “Power Brain” cube comes equipped with a battery, Arduino microcontroller, Bluetooth module, accelerometer, and USB port. While that might seem complicated, programing a robot how to move is a simple as picking it up, pressing the record button, and wiggling it about.

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Alternatively, kids can remote control their TinkerBots with an iOS app. Currently the app only works to control a car, but the team hopes to make it work with myriad contraptions that kids assemble. On the exterior of the Power Brain blocks, kids can add a LEGO adapter, enabling them to attach whatever blocks and bricks they want.

Of course while building robots is fun and all, working with Tinkerbots will also give children a solid foundation in technology. It’s becoming even more important to get kids involved with technology in a society that is so reliant on smartphones and fueled by technology on the whole by giving them a leg up in STEM concepts. If you want to get your kids started with TinkerBots, you can get in on the ground floor by pledging $159 on the Indiegogo project page for a Basic Wheeler Set.

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