When we think of sharing furniture with our young children, we imagine plopping into one of their bean bag chairs, or watching nervously as they try to climb into a giant dining chair without toppling it over. Designer Naomi Dean bridges the gap between plopping and toppling with her adult and child friendly Tiny Footprint Desk. This sleek, modern, diminutive desk functions both as a laptop and writing desk for adults, and as a drawing, coloring, activity table for children ages 5 and up. Made partially from reclaimed office furniture that would have otherwise met its termination in a landfill, other construction components include storage boxes made from FSC solid timber off-cuts and pinboard made from environmentally friendly cork. We love the multifaceted nature of this aptly named desk, (tiny in size and carbon footprint), and that it may grow alongside a child from the crayon stage to the computer stage… while being enjoyed by parents all the while.

+Tiny Footprint Desk £298

+Measurements: 74 x 50 x 73 cm high