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In addition to being fun and functional, Tiny Giraffe’s toy truck wooden blocks are eco-friendly and nontoxic. Each block has a “well-loved” looked that’s achieved via hand-sanding and sepia ink. The wood that comprises each block is untreated and free of chemicals, and the blocks are finished with nontoxic, water-based sealants to make them hold up to wear and tear.

If truck’s aren’t up your tot’s alley, we’re certain Tiny Giraffe is stocked with another offering that will get their motor running. Peruse their unique array of wooden blocks which include gorgeous Alice in Wonderland blocks and Vintage Love wooden blocks that pay homage to Polaroid cameras, rotary phones and vintage sewing machines.

+ JUMBO Baby Toy Truck Wooden Blocks $15 for a set of 2 blocks

+ Tiny Giraffe