Part of becoming a parent means streamlining things whenever possible — like buying in bulk, finding please-all healthy recipes, and discovering ways to keep in touch with loved ones without spending your whole day on the phone or computer. Tinybeans, a free app for Androids and iPhones, is the newest way we’ve found to keep things simple when it comes to communicating with friends and family as well as keeping track of baby’s development. This “nurture network”, which was launched in 2012, combines the best of expert advice tailored to your child’s development along with journal and photo cataloging opportunities within a secure network of selected family and friends.

With an eye on events big and small in your child’s life, Tinybeans allows you to record daily events as well as milestones and even includes suggested activities for your child’s specific developmental stage. The info is only shared with people in your private network, and you can invite as many (or as few) people to witness your little one’s life events. Parents can also conveniently make photo books with uploaded photos, making presents for grandparents or family members a snap.

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