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Tinyfolk’s puppetbox is a charming theatre that comes with a light, a screen, and a choice of shadow puppets: a moon theme with moonrock landscape, rocketship, astronaut, alien, robot and planet, and a forest theme that comes with tree forest landscape, haunted house, fairy, monster, ghost and moon. The shadow puppets, created through an artistic collaboration of Genevieve’s husband and her sister (we told you Tinyfolk was a family affair!), are also available for purchase separately!

Little ones will be clamoring to create and imagine in their new little playplaces. The only problem: Tinyfolk products are currently only available for shipping within Australia. But fear not, parents: we’ll keep you posted when Tinyfolk makes their stateside debut.

+ Picture Playhouse $69

+ Puppetbox $79

+ White Playhouse $59

+ Shadow Puppets $25

+ Tinyfolk