Artist Toby Atticus Fraley works with vintage household and industrial castoffs, converting them into robots that are full of character. Fraley has now made 50 one of a kind creations in his Robot Series. Even though your robot-crazed kid may want to get his hands on one of these, he’ll have to settle for standing next to one — they’re all 3- to 4-feet tall! Most of his robots are themed around winter sports and music, and all of them are wired to light up in one way or another, some with LED bulbs. And the robots are so eye-catching and cool that they’ve been picked up by some pretty high profile buyers.

The guitar playing Robot 12 shown above for example is now in the private collection of a Grammy Award winning artist. Fraley’s robots have also shown up on HGTV, and another special robot now lives at the headquarters of a big Silicon Valley tech company.

License plates, vacuum parts, yard sticks, ski poles, auto parts and even a vintage picnic cooler have been used to build these robot treasures.Fraley purchases many of the pieces used in his creations from eBay, yard sales and auctions — giving objects that some may call trash a new artful life.

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