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Many of us don’t ever consider that the closures, fabrics, and adjustability of a piece of clothing could be frustrating or prohibitive for children as they try to get dressed and undressed. Scheier, who has a son with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, realized the limits in most current clothing designs when she needed to modify a pair of jeans for her son so that he could wear them like his school friends. In addition to understanding that not everyone had her professional abilities to alter clothing, Schier also knew that her solution wasn’t sustainable or feasible long-term: she also had to take a trip to Oliver’s school during her lunch break to help him use the bathroom due to the zipper and button.

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Mindy formed Runway of Dreams with the idea of making clothing more accessible to people of all different abilities and focused on certain design elements that could be incorporated or swapped into mainstream clothing that would make them more adaptable and wearable. For example, since closures are tricky, the Tommy Hilfiger line uses a special magnet instead of buttons or zippers. The seams were adjusted so that the clothes could be put on from the back instead of over the head, which can be difficult for people with disabilities including those that result in low muscle tone. Other less restrictive fabrics were chosen to allow for different body types as well as to accommodate for braces or other devices.

Tees, polo shirts. pants, jeans, dresses, and even more formal shirts that appear as if they have buttons make up the line, which were all created in the All-American, nautical-inspired vibe that Tommy Hilfiger has become known for over the years. We love the fact that the Runway of Dreams collection is at the same price point as the other items in the general collection.

The collection, believed to be the first from a large, mainstream brand, shows that the modifications and adjustments can (and should) be made. Mindy and her talented team at Runway of Dreams plan to expand to as many brands as possible to give children and adults with differing abilities as many clothing design options as possible. Check out their inspiring story and some of the people who are benefiting from Runway of Dreams here. And while we adore the Runway of Dreams Collection, we’d like to add our personal hope that Tommy Hilfiger would create these and other garments in his collections using organic fabrics and dyes and sustainable materials in the future. Perhaps that’s the next step for this groundbreaking brand.

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