Spring cleaning is calling loudly to many of us; it feels so good to purge all the old and unusable things from our lives, including toys. According to a recent Tom’s of Maine study, in attempts to declutter and streamline their homes, 55% of parents frequently chuck out old toys, with that waste going directly to landfills. So we’re pretty thrilled that in honor of Earth Month, the company is teaming up with Terracycle to help you and families all over America recycle broken and unusable toys for free! That’s right, they’ll take even those nearly-impossible-to-recycle items like stuffed animals, random puzzle and game pieces, and remote control vehicles. You can request a free recycling box here and then place it in your child’s school, daycare, or any other community gathering place. Once the box is full, the goods get shipped back to Terracycle (via an enclosed, prepaid shipping label) where they get transformed into something new and useful, such as a park bench or a pet food bowl. So purge away; Tom’s of Maine and Terracycle will happily and responsibly take that one-eared elephant and that nowhere-close-to-a-full desk set of playing cards off your hands.

+ Tom’s of Maine and Terracycle’s recycling effort

Image via Shutterstock