Inspiring stories that we can all relate to, and reporting that makes us really think about modern-day parenting are at the top of our list when it comes to publishing content that will resonate with our readers. This year’s top green parenting stories all struck a chord with us on intellectual and emotional levels. From one photographer’s poignant pictorial which celebrates the realistic images of mothers’ bodies, and one mom’s fantastic idea to dress her daughter up as five inspiring women in history to celebrate her 5th birthday, to wishing we could send our kids to school in the forest where Mother Nature is the teacher, and pondering the case for sending them outside to play alone. On the flip side, when it comes to kids being stuck indoors, our report on the startling statistics about childrens’ addictions to iPhones and screens should be required reading for every parent. Finally, our Editor-in-Chief Jill Fehrenbacher shared her firsthand account of her experience eating her placenta. Which green parenting story did you enjoy reading the most? Please vote below!

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