Modern day parenting is no cakewalk. Constantly shifting insights gained via ever-evolving research, an increasing reliance on technology, and the hovering paranoia that now consume us in the unpredictable society in which we live are just a few of the complexities that moms and dads face today. Our top 6 green parenting stories of 2014 range from family farm stays and a highly unique playground to confounding conclusive studies. This year we reported that spanking a child leads to less gray matter in his/her brain, and that a scientist thinks babies cry and breastfeed through the night to prevent having siblings. Readers also enjoyed weighing in on whether they’d let their kids play at ‘The Land,’ an adventure playground where kids can run wild, light fires and take risks. We weren’t surprised to learn that kids’ addiction to playing on the iPad is resulting in a lack of motor skills and their inability to use building blocks. Our guide on how to stop using paper towels was wildly popular, and finally, we highlighted 13 idyllic organic family farm stay vacations around the world for those with wanderlust or the ability to take a break from it all! Read these fascinating stories and then tell us which one you liked best by casting your vote below!

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