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Livie & Luca

Livie & Luca handmakes stylish, yet comfortable infant-size 13 children’s shoes for all occasions. They use lead-free leather, non-toxic glues, and no harmful chemicals are used during the tanning process. Livie & Luca incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly practices to tread lightly on the earth and they are committed to social responsibility.

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Pedoodles eco-friendly shoes are all free of lead, cadmium, mercury, antimony, arsenic, barium, selenium, and harmful amines. Their rubber soles are made with recycled materials and are also safety tested. They also use velcro instead of laces or buckles. Pedoodles are available in crawlers 0-8 months, walkers 8 months-2 years, and runners 2-4 years.

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Bear Feet

Bear Feet have been handmaking shoes for the past 27 years. They use as many organic and natural materials available. Bear Feet produces no chemical waste, donates their 2nds and scrap leather, and they keep a low stock since their products are made to order. The soles on their rubber soled shoes are made from the sap of the Hevea tree. All of their leather is a byproduct of animals that have been raised for the meat. And all of their leather is formaldehyde free. Bear Feet shoes come in sizes infant 1-16 toddler.

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Not all of Keen’s shoes are eco-friendly, but they do have several lines made with recycled cork footbeds, upper natural canvas, eco-friendly vulcanized construction, recycled aluminum eyelets, and an adhesive-free natural rubber. Keen starts at size 4 and goes up to adult sizes.

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Soft Star

Soft Star has been handmaking shoes since 1984. They make shoes starting with infant sizing and go all the way up to adult sizes. Soft Star Shoes uses USA sourced formaldehyde-free leather that is dyed with FDA-approved food grade dyes. They are as chemical-free as possible. The Soft Star soles are made out of natural rubber, durable suede, or a tough leather. Their shop is run from 100% solar or wind energy. Soft Star takes custom orders and you can even design your own shoes.

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Sanuk uses eco materials like recycled rubber insoles, jute, hemp, cork, natural latex, recycled plastic bottles, and recyclable TPE. They are a vegan footwear company. You can get Sanuk’s for 1 yr olds-adults.

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Zia Tia

Zia Tia makes handknit organic booties for infants-12 mo. Their 4 ply, 100% Certified Organic Merino colored Wool is colored with plant & tree extracts. Zia Tia also makes vintage embroidered booties and handknit heirloom shoes.

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