Kids and kids-at-heart will have a hard time keeping their hands off TOTO the Toy Totem from sustainable toy and housewares company Rock and Pebble. The solid maple wood set comes with three vertical ovoids, 3 horizontal ovoids painted with facial expressions, one base piece, and four dowels for keeping all the pieces in balance. The random face designs on the horizontal pieces remind us of animals such as a bird and a rabbit and offer a subtle nod to the rich history of traditional totem poles. Keeping the pieces steady and in a variety of configurations will be a fun, hands-on challenge for kids. Each TOTO set comes in a tube with a play guide for even more activities and ideas. If you purchase a few sets, kids can build totem figures to play with or they can combine sets to create great giant totem towers. Leave these totems out for an easy activity that happens to also look like a sculpture!

+ TOTO the Toy Totem $38.00

+ Rock and Pebble