Now that my twins are walking, or shall we say cruising, it seems as if their colorful wooden blocks have popped up in every corner and under every seat cushion of our once orderly abode. Sure, these blocks are stacked and assembled into tall towers and building forms during playtime, but inevitably they are also flung about like the long-range missiles or launchers of well-equipped tots. It was no surprise then that Dutch designer, Pepe Heykoop’s Brickchair made total sense to me when I first spied it. Assembled from toy building blocks, the Brickchair is a clever (parent-friendly) exercise in messing with your kids’ blocks and tidying them up, too.

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The Brickchair is an ad-hoc take on block recycling and extreme seating, as it really seems more sculptural than functional for the obvious (uncomfy) reasons. That said, I love what this design suggests when it comes to finding new ways of organizing kids toys and the inevitable parts that begin to populate, and in some cases overtake a family’s cool, chic interior space.

The lego-like fit of the toy blocks makes for an unorthodox seating solution, but the concept is rather inspirational in its resourceful take on loose, stray parts that are cleverly jiggered together and animated for a playful, topsy-turvy effect. Heykoop’s Brickchair also seems like the ideal rainy day project, not to downplay the originality and signature of the designer’s hand here. Check out Pepe Heykoop’s entire Brick Series, if you just have way too many blocks on your hands, or scattered about the playroom floor.

+ Pepe Heykoop

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