Playing with green army men toys may remind you of your childhood, but Yoga Joes are not your (or your grandparent’s) toy soldier. These fit figurines have a different agenda: teaching yoga positions to kiddos and demonstrating that everyone, even tough soldiers, need a way to unwind. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first set of the Inner Peacekeeping Force was created in 2014 with Yoga Joes in classic positions including tree pose and downward facing dog. Now the newest version of Advanced Yoga Joes are reporting for duty, and they aren’t messing around with basic, garden-variety asanas.

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The poses, which include firefly, advanced side plank, scorpion, peacock, king pigeon with mermaid arm variation, and lotus headstand, are pretty hardcore, so offer a word of caution to your little yogis that they shouldn’t attempt these poses without some serious assists from Mom or Dad. The little green guys will definitely inspire parent yogis to get back on the mat too, although we’re going to resist balancing on just our noggins for the foreseeable future. The Yoga Joe version, however, protects his head by wearing a specially crafted spherical helmet that helps this green dude maintain his balance.

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Yoga Joes has fundraised and partnered in the past with Connected Warriors, an organization that brings free yoga classes to veterans and their families, and we hope this new advanced set inspires them and everyone else to channel their inner zen by challenging their minds and bodies with yoga. Keep a set of these enlightened soldiers around wherever you need a reminder to be tough and zen at the same time.

Available for pre-order.

+ Advanced Yoga Joes $20.00 for a set of six

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Images © Dan Abramson and Andy Babbitz via Yoga Joes