It’s a train table! No, it’s a dining room table. Wait! It’s both — a dining room table with built in train tracks! Part dinner table, part plaything, TrackTiles tables are made up of easily customized tiles that feature portions of working train track. Finger holes bored into the tiles mean different railroad patterns can be arranged by rotating some or all the square tiles by 90 degrees. All the tiles are inlaid on one side with removable BRIO track pieces. These wooden tracks guide small motorized trains which may carry delicious cargo around to each of your dining companions!

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What kind of cargo? Well, it could be special treats provided as a reward for stellar report cards, cards with conversation-starting questions, a way to collect anonymous suggestions or complaints from disgruntled offspring, or a unique way to share “what I’m thankful for” comments at a holiday feast.

Eating together is an important element of family life. Studies have shown that having dinner together as a family at least four times a week has positive effects on child development. In the words of blogger Dr. Claire McCarthy, “[f]amily dinners are a practical, tangible way to send a clear message that you care about what is going on with your children and that they are part of a family.” But just sitting down at the table won’t magically cause you to become closer with your kids. There has to be active conversation, preferably with a lot of laughs mixed in. If you’ve struggled to keep the dialogue flowing at your dinner table, TrackTiles offers a solution that’s sure to get everyone talking.

Grown-ups will be interested to know that each TrackTile table is made from a furniture grade veneered ply, so it’s guaranteed to still look nice after the 100th apple juice spill. All TrackTile tables are built by some of the finest master craftsmen in Nottingham and the East Midlands, so it’s possible to order customized veneers, although that adds time to the manufacturing process. 

+TrackTile Tables – Start at $3,776 for a four-seater