As if we needed a reason to spend more time on our phones, there’s a new trend to turn your breastfeeding pics into whimsical, magical, nature-inspired art. Dubbed #treeoflife brelfies, these altered images are made using the PicsArt app and Tree of Life stickers, and they sprinkle a little fairy dust on your candid nursing photos. These popular images highlight the amazing mother-baby connection by depicting roots growing from a mom’s breast with tree branches and leaves flourishing in their little ones. You can toy with a bunch of effects (and perhaps erase some of those dark circles under your eyes or the spit-up on your shoulder in the process), to make a sentimental breastfeeding keepsake for yourself. Or take an image a friend or family member has posted and do the dreamy design work for her. She probably has her hands full at the moment! The breastfeeding phase, once it’s over, can feel like it passed in a blink, and these #treeoflife brelfies will remind you of the sweet times long after. We should mention that although we are all for normalizing breastfeeding and bringing the topic to public conversation, we don’t think you really need stars or lights or tree roots growing into your bosom to honor this age-old tradition: nourishing your baby is about as beautiful and magical an act as it gets.

+ PicsArt #treeoflife brelfies tutorial

Lead image © @dinyrosse on Instagram

via Babycenter