Perched above the ground, treehouse visitors are given an elevated perspective of the world we inhabit everyday. The ‘Landscape Apertura’ treehouse, located in Powell Gardens near Kansas City, MO, was designed by Robert McLaughlin, to be a whimsical, yet purposeful structure, with an aim to direct one’s attention to the beautiful outdoors through framed views of nature, gazed upon via six strategically located, bold green window frames.

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‘Landscape Apertura,’ was built in a Lincoln-log style to add to its inviting and playful nature — strengthening the notion that appreciating the natural world is as fun as it is enriching. With brightly-lined windows, or ‘apertures,’ of different sizes and shapes, McLaughlin’s structure provides six different, calculated outward views. McLaughlin hopes to prove that a framed and deliberate view may encourage people to appreciate their natural environment more so than that of an expansive, sometimes overwhelming view of the outdoors.

The materials used in the construction of Landscape Apertura are both local and recycled, as 90% of the wood was taken from surrounding deconstructed houses. The wood was sourced from Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Kansas City — which recycles the 2 x 4s from deconstructed homes in the surrounding area. Even the bright green windows are constructed from recycled floor boards.

McLaughlin’s thoughtful ‘Landscape Apertura’ is an imaginative piece that manages to be environmentally-sensitive in its construction and execution — in fact, we wish we could climb up and enjoy the views too!

Photos courtesy of Bob Greenspan Photography