What do you get when you combine the timeless allure of a treehouse with the bouncy, active fun of a trampoline and the thrill of a tree swing? Welcome to the world of Treepee! This amazing outdoor space for children will take imaginative outdoor play to new heights. Whether your kids opt for aerial camping, or they choose to hang out in nature and relax with a book, all you need is one strong tree to secure the Treepee, and your kids will be ready for new adventures!

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The Treepee is a quaint dwelling space, but it’s also a fun activity in and of itself. Once kids gain their balance and can stand up inside their Treepee, they can zip it up and rock the tent for a fun surfing/snowboarding sensation with zero worries of falling. (Think: personal bouncy castle!)

Treepee hangs safely from a sturdy tree branch via a supportive tether. It comes with four safety tethers — one for each corner, allowing the tent to be secured so that less adventurous or younger children may experience the tent sans the swinging motion.

Treepee comes equipped with bug net protected windows, pockets for inside storage, and a bag on a pully system, so kids can haul goodies up to their tent. Treepee fabric is UV 50+ protected, fire retardant and water repellent and is available in colors green, khaki or pink.

For purchasing information contact The Treepee Company at info (at) treepee.com

+ Treepee $600

+ The Treepee Company