This simple-looking house is actually a treasure trove of multicolored blocks that will keep kids stacking and building for hours. Made from responsibly sourced, FSC-approved beechwood and finished with a beeswax coating, the 41 components in the set of Tsumiki House Blocks come in a variety of shapes including arches, columns, slats, cubes and stairs. Kids can construct little living spaces within the wooden home or they can extend their building space by taking their blocks “outside.” Add in a few of their favorite dollhouse figures, and kiddos will get totally immersed in creating stories and scenarios. When playtime is done, the blocks can neatly return home to be tucked away. Calm colors and plenty of natural wood-colored blocks make this set mix-and-matchable with other block sets. Don’t be surprised if your child creates an entire neighborhood, city, or world of his or her own.

+ Tsumiki House Blocks $120