Looking for a fun pet project for your tots that doubles as cool, conversation-starting art? Here’s an innovative idea for the most dynamically ‘alive’ art we’ve ever seen – wall art made out of living ant-farms! We love this idea because it mixes the science-experiment fun of keeping an ant-farm with a cool, clever aesthetic which is sure to turn heads and start conversations in your home.

Last year, BKLYN Designs exhibitor Hugh Hayden‘s fun recycled tennis ball-seats were amongst our favorite designs. This year for BKLYN Designs, Hayden partnered with designer Katie Vitale to bring something new to the show and was nice enough to hook us up with a sneak-peek! The exciting new design embodies real-life ant-farms – similar to ones you may remember from childhood – re-imagined into living works of art that use salvaged picture frames to showcase ant communities. The unveiling of FRAMEicariums is sure to bring out kid in every one!

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The name FRAMEicarium stems from the word formicarium: the scientific term for the enclosure of ant colonies. Since, in this design, the art-farm is showcased as a framed piece of art hanging on a wall or placed as a centerpiece on a night-stand – the name, FRAMEicarium, seemed only appropriate.

The frames for the designs come in a vivid spectrum of color schemes coordinated to match the sand, Plexiglas and salvaged frame in each piece.  The Plexiglas used for the viewing box and is inserted into the frame and punctured to allow air and feeding holes. Easily removable, the viewing box can be cleaned and replaced with new sand and ants when necessary.

+ Hugh Hayden Designs

+ Katie Vitale