The MAKEDO Space Pod kit comes with 30 pins, 30 clips, 2 lock-hinges, 1 safe saw (for cutting cardboard), stickers and step-by-step instructions. To build your very own ship you’ll need to raid the recycling bin for large cardboard boxes or cardboard sheets and egg cartons or plastic containers. In about an hour kids can turn the MAKEDO parts and a pile of recyclables into a Space Pod that’s ready for its first mission.

The MAKEDO Shop kit helps kids turn a large cardboard box, egg cartons or plastic containers and a few paper or card sheets into their very own corner store. The kit comes with 26 pins, 26 clips, 4 lock-hinges, 1 safe saw, stickers and step-by-step instructions. Your kids can create any type of store they like from the recycled materials.

We love that MAKEDO kits teach kids about recycling and reusing. And we bet they’ll get a lot of play value out of these two new kits.

+ Space Pod $20.00

+ Shop $20.00