Move over Crayola – something fresher and greener has arrived! Thanks to some resourceful, eco-savvy design innovation from Inntrax Twig Crayons, children can now shelve their old boxes of petroleum-based crayons and wield an assortment of colorful stray twigs which have been given a second life as budding artist’s tools. It’s good to know that we are finally out of the woods when it comes to non-toxic and eco-friendly art supplies for our doodling little ones!

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Inntrax Twig Crayons are salvaged from twig pieces of willow, elm and ash trees that were cleared away from mature forests of oak and white pine in Poland, all in accordance with sustainable forestry practices. Instead of having a tragic fate in the incinerator, each twig is handcrafted into a sculpted crayon, and all one-of-a-kind sets are housed in a handmade birch basket, made with materials also reclaimed from discarded brush.

Available in sets of 8, 12, and 60, Inntrax Twig Crayons offer every color of the spectrum, and then some. Mauve and mustard hues join traditional red and blue favorites. Who needs “seafoam green” when the whole set is green naturally? Certified non-toxic and as environmentally friendly as it gets, if asked, we bet trees would rather bring a child’s drawing to life than settle for a hug.

8 Twig Crayons plus holder retail for $22.00

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