Just when we thought we could not be more enamored of Glide’s TwistTogether LED blocks, we spotted this window display the company created for the Museum of Modern Art’s Midtown Manhattan store. Using components from their technicolored “Candy” set, the designers pieced together a dazzling, psychedelic tree, complete with branches peeking from within its fluorescent yellow and green crown.

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Cool to the touch and modular in nature, the colorful, hand-cast resin cubes lock together in configurations limited only by one’s imagination. And because the Lego-like blocks employ ultra-energy-efficient, low-voltage LEDs, they draw less electricity than a nightlight, making them a great alternative for kids who are afraid of the dark. Even the luminous tree in the MoMA window display uses only as much power as a 100-watt light bulb. How brilliant is that?

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