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The blur of modern parenthood is familiar to most people; juggling school, soccer practice, full-time jobs, and keeping an orderly household, now meshed with the big influence that digital media and the internet has on the day to day lives of both parents and children. The process, which is average life, can seem like an endless race that at times can be overwhelming.

Affected by this hectic lifestyle, Lewis and Conley wanted to create a project that would force themselves to slow down, while also inspiring other parents to do the same. For Stop Here. This is the Place., the two women spent 52 weeks refocusing their lives as mothers. Once a week, they would work on the project, with Lewis snapping photos as Conley created prose, narratives and poetry to accompany them. This brief moment each week created a reflective meditation on their lives as parents.

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The timeless images are devoid of modern indicators; the images are purposely devoid of smart phones, iPads and computers. Instead, Lewis has captured the children in the midst of games, playing with the dog, fishing and other outdoor activities. The gorgeous series can be seen online, but Lewis and Conley hope to find a publisher to make Stop Here. This is the Place. a coffee table book.

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