With Youtube videos of adorable little animals going viral daily (and sites completely devoted to their projected thoughts and musings), it’s easy to forget that many exotic animals are endangered and are worth more than just a moment’s “Awwwwww!” Concerned with the plight of the hedgehog, an animal that has fallen in numbers in the United Kingdom from 30 million in the 1950s to 1 million today, UK based Wildlife Aid Foundation has come up with a new Saving Harry campaign — and accompanying video — to keep this adorable mammal from becoming extinct.

The simple, short, and visually striking video depicts magical footprints leading the porcupine-like hedgehog away from potential dangers (such as investigating an empty can) and back into nature. The charity also aims to deter the possibility of hedgehog extinction by offering simple tips such as crushing and recycling empty cans so that a hedgehog doesn’t get stuck inside, or using an alternative to chain-link fencing to surround your property. Even if you live far from a hedgehog population, the video and campaign are worth checking out as a way  for little ones to learn about this cute (although not so cuddly) animal.

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+ Wildlife Aid Foundation

via Treehugger

Lead image via video capture from Wildlife Aid Foundation