You know what’s even more fun that DIY? DIT or “do it together,” and that’s exactly what we suggest with Londji’s Ulysses puppet. This posable superhero comes unassembled, so you can log some serious QT with your kiddo while you build and fasten the parts together before putting the completed puppet in all sorts of positions. Made in Barcelona as part of a collaboration with artist Marc Sardà, the pieces are comprised of wood and recycled paper. Once assembled, they make for a buff, brightly colored, minimalist hero for all ages. “Joints” in his arms, legs, and hips allow for realistic movements and striking poses. And, yes, Ulysses does look pretty fierce and ready for a fight or race, but we’re positive he’s got a killer arabesque and a can-can in his repertoire as well.

+ Posable puppet €24.00

via Petit and Small