When your family is preparing to welcome a new child, one of the things that drives expectant parents mad is the expense of all the gear related to that darling little bundle. Cribs, strollers, nursing gliders, swings, changing tables—the cost for all those ‘essentials’ adds up fast, and your new baby takes a big toll on the family checkbook. UnaUna is offering an alternative to parents in New York City. The company allows parents to ‘rent’ baby gear for extended periods of time, which helps save money, time, headaches, and the environment.

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Essentially, UnaUna offers parents the baby gear equivalent to a car rental service. Rather than purchasing a crib or a stroller outright, moms and dads can lease the gear they need for up to two years. Once the item is no longer needed—like when a baby transitions from a co-sleeper to a crib—UnaUna takes the item back. For instance, it’ll cost as little as $319 to lease a $600 crib for two years, for a savings of $281. Even parents who sell used baby gear through a resale shop or a local buy/sell/trade group won’t see that kind of return on their investment.

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Cost savings are an obvious benefit to a program like this, and UnaUna definitely offers New York City parents a unique way to save some money—as well as the headache of storing, reselling, or doing something wacky with their used baby gear. The company even delivers and picks up the items, so parents hardly have to lift a finger. The other perk is that UnaUna will continue to rent out an item as long as it’s in good repair, maximizing the lifespan of that item and keeping baby gear out of landfills.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering (like we were), the company’s name comes from the Hawaiian word for hermit crab, which is the critter that appears in UnaUna’s stylized logo. As hermit crabs grow, they move out of one shell and into a new one, leaving the first vacant for another crab to use. That’s basically what UnaUna is striving for except, you know, with strollers.

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